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I want to line the pieces up...
yours, and mine....
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16th-Jun-2020 06:24 pm - Feedback
Please leave feedback here, thanks! :D

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4th-Oct-2011 10:01 pm - End of Summer Anime
So a lot of summer anime series have ended. Like Ao no Exorcist, which makes me sad because the manga takes so long to be translated! The ending was alright, but they deviated so much from the manga! I wonder if they'll make another season? I hope so! I want more animated Amaimon!

Nyanpire the Animation also ended, but the series was pretty short since each episode was less than ten minutes long. It was pretty much a WTF series and I watched it only because JunJun voiced Nyatenshi and Non-tan voiced Masamunya xD. Also the ED creeped me out.

Blood-C finally ended!!!! I only watched this series because of CLAMP. Seriously this anime drove me nuts. There was basically zero plot and many of the scenes were just filled with silence or the characters staring at each other. It was only until the last episode when the action begun WTF. The old Blood+ was sooo much better IMO, although I did like Watanuki-Dog (JunJun!).

Uta no Prince-sama ended ヽ(;▽;)ノ
Since it's based off of the otome game I didn't have high expectations for this anime. But the characters are too lovable and the ED made my day. The last episode was pretty good and they showed the senpais so I wonder if they will have a second season with them. I haven't played the game yet, but I probably will eventually. I think UtaPri Debut game is coming out soon that has senpai-tachi (>ω<)

Since everything ended, the only anime I'm watching that's currently airing is Gintama' and NuraMago Sennen Makyou. So this will give me time to catch up on Sengoku Basara, Tegami Bachi, and Natsume Yuujinchou. I am WAY behind on those.
I watched the first Towa no Quon "movie" because HiroC voices the main character, and it was pretty interesting, but it was too much like Tokyo Underground or X-Men. Maybe I'll continue watching it. Not sure.

I'm really looking forward to Persona 4 the animation since I loooove the game. I'm excited for the two new games as well!
Also, Black Rock Shooter anime next year YAY! Can't wait!
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